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Canadian Covered Bond Ratings Not Impacted by Canadian Wildfires

Canadian Covered Bond Ratings Not Impacted by Canadian Wildfires

Digital Infrastructure Project Expansion Likely with Federal Broadband Funding

Amid Steep Median Declines, Rays of Light for U.S. NFP Hospitals

Canadian Pension Funds to Weather Challenging Operating Environment

2023 Virtual Investor Series - North America RMBS

2023 Global Mining Sector Outlook Changed to Neutral from Deteriorating

2023 Virtual Investor Series - Global Covered Bonds

2023 Virtual Investor Series - North America Structured Credit

Inflation, Tight Pricing to Weigh on EMEA Autos’ Profitability

2023 Virtual Investor Series - North America CMBS

2023 Virtual Investor Series - North America ABS

Tighter Lending Standards to Further Constrain U.S. Consumer Spending

Food Price Inflation Still High Despite Falling Input Costs

Global Bank Regulators to Draw Lessons from Bank Turmoil

Short-Term US Debt Limit Increase Would Not Prevent Future Standoffs

New Ad Opportunities Provide Revenue Boost for Sport Franchises

U.S. Population Growth Rebounds; State Trends Diverge Due to Migration

US State Tax Revenues Continue to Rise but Show Signs of Slowdown

U.S. Bank Fallout Extends to Various Non-Bank Financial Sectors

NFP Hospital Medians Show Expected Deterioration; Will Worsen

Credit Outlook 2023 - U.S. Life Plan Communities’ 2023 Sector Outlook Revised to ‘Deteriorating’

2023 Cyber Insurance Market Update

Credit Outlook 2023 - More Operating Woes Await U.S. Colleges & Universities in 2023

Credit Outlook 2023 - North America Energy (Oil & Gas) Outlook in 2023

Credit Outlook 2023 - Recessionary Fallout Muted for U.S. Transportation Infrastructure in 2023

Credit Outlook 2023 - North American SF Asset Performance Outlook Revised to Deteriorating

Credit Outlook 2023 - US Leveraged Finance 2023 Outlook Deteriorating; Defaults Rise on Uncertainty

Credit Outlook 2023 - Global MMFs 2023 Sector Outlook is Deteriorating

Credit Outlook 2023 - Macro Backdrop to Challenge Asset Values, Credit Quality for North American FinCos

Credit Outlook 2023 - Outlook ‘Deteriorating’ for U.S. States & Local Governments in 2023; Ratings Stable

Credit Outlook 2023 - Global Oil & Gas Sector’s Profits are High Despite Windfall Taxes

Credit Outlook 2023 - Neutral 2023 Global Autos Outlook Pent Up Demand Offsets Macro Risk

Credit Outlook 2023 - Resilient Demand Balancing Macro Risk for Global Transports in 2023

Credit Outlook 2023 - Labor Pains to Intensify for U.S. NFP Hospitals in 2023

Credit Outlook 2023 - Global Home Prices to See Declines or Lower Growth in 2023

Credit Outlook 2023 - A&D Outlook Improving on Stronger Aircraft Demand and Defense Spend

Credit Outlook 2023 - U.S. Bank Asset Quality, Operating Environment to Deteriorate in 2023

Credit Outlook 2023 - Investment Managers Face Tough Investment Climate in 2023

Credit Outlook 2023 - Growth and Funding Costs Weigh on 2023 Sovereign Outlook

EMs Closer than DMs to Restoring Pre-Pandemic Fiscal Positions

2022 Virtual Investor Series - U.S. CMBS

ESG Will Increasingly Influence Insurers’ Strategies

2022 Virtual Investor Series - U.S. Structured Credit

Rapid Unwind of Supply Chain Disruption Cuts Goods Inflation

Recession Expected 2Q23, Strength of US Consumer Will Mitigate Severity

2022 Virtual Investor Series - U.S. ABS

2022 Virtual Investor Series - U.S. RMBS

OPEC+ Actual Oil Output Fall to be Lower than Production Quota Cuts

Cyber Insurance Premium Hikes to Support Returns Amid Rising Claims

Key Takeaways from the 2022 International Reinsurance Conference in Monte Carlo

Cyber Risk Mitigation Adds to Cost Pressure for Not-for-Profit Hospitals

US Public Transit Faces Multi-Year Recovery

US Labor Remains Tight, Trend Likely Peaked as Median Unemployment Falls Below Pre-Pandemic Levels

Global Food Price Inflation Likely to Fall Sharply in 2023

U.S. Buy Now Pay Later Challenged by Rising Credit and Funding Costs

Apparel, Durable Goods Most Vulnerable to Climate Risk Within Retail

2022 Mid-Year Outlook - Sovereign Sector Outlook Revised to Neutral from Improving on Ukraine War Impact

2022 Mid-Year Outlook - Inflation, Rate Rises, Stagflation Undermine Sector Outlooks

2022 Mid-Year Outlook - Global Corporates are Adequately Equipped to Weather Risks in 2022

US Public School Districts Face Heightened Labor Cost Pressures

Housing Market Slowdown Influences Canadian Bank, Sovereign Ratings

Credit Brief - Global Mortgage Markets Ranked by Vulnerability to Rising Rates

U.S. to Recover All Pandemic-Driven Job Losses by Q3 2022

DM Banks Face Profit Challenges After Bounce-Back from Pandemic

Rising US House Prices Drive Interest in Essential Housing

US States Strategize for Clean Energy Transition

High Gas Prices Could Slow Gains in Toll Road Leisure Traffic

Implementation Risks Lurk in US State 2022 Tax Cut Plans

Ukraine War Intensifies Low-Carbon Supply-Chain Disruptions

Pandemic Entrenched State Population Changes, Migration Key Factor

Russia Sanctions Create Divestment Challenges for EM ETFs

US Federal Reserve Digital Currency Could Impact Money Market Funds

Decentralised Finance May Divide into Regulated and Unregulated

Growing Crypto Mining Could Affect Energy Markets

Global Pharma and Biotech Pivots Towards R&D Productivity

Bank of Canada Raises Interest Rates and Mulls Quantitative Tightening

2022 Credit Outlook - Canadian Provinces

2022 Credit Outlook - Economic Recoveries Drive Global Financial Sector Outlooks in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Innovation Drives Growth in Global Big Pharma & Biotech

2022 Credit Outlook - Base Metals Demand Growth Supports Global Mining Sector Outlook

2022 Credit Outlook - Financial Discipline Supports Global Oil Gas Sector Outlook

2022 Credit Outlook - U.S. Healthcare and Pharma Outlook Neutral for 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Policy Tightens but Sovereigns Outlook for 2022 is Improving

2022 Credit Outlook - Rising Labor Expenses Cloud U.S. NFP Hospitals

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Airline Outlook Improving but Material Risks Remain

2022 Credit Outlook - Canadian Banks Will Continue to Benefit from Economic Recovery in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - U.S. Lev Fin Outlook Neutral for 2022; Low Defaults but Risks to Monitor

2022 Credit Outlook - Fitch Expects Operating Environment for LPCs to Remain Unchanged in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - North American and European Securities Firms Outlooks Neutral for 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - North American Structured Finance Asset Performance to Remain Steady in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Home Price Growth to Slow in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - North America to Grow Strongly in 2022, Policy Will Tighten

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Auto Conditions to Improve in 2022, Supply Chain Risk Exists

2022 Credit Outlook - U.S. Retail – Revenue Deceleration Expected

2022 Credit Outlook - Neutral 2022 Outlook for U.S. Technology

2022 Credit Outlook – North America & Europe FinTech

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Banking Regulation to Tighten for 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Pro-Cyclical Postures and Rate Views May Test Financial Policies

2022 Credit Outlook - Normalization Expected for U.S. Banks in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - U.S. State and Local Governments Search for Predictability in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Aerospace End Market Improving, Defense Stable

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Investment Managers Resilient to 2022 Challenges

2022 Credit Outlook - Inflation Could Disrupt Steadier U.S. Transportation in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - U.S. Diversified Industrials and Capital Goods Outlook Neutral for 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Neutral US BDC Outlook Driven by Solid Financial Profiles

2022 Credit Outlook - Climate Risks and Evolving Financing Structures for U.S. Energy Infrastructure in 2022

Rising Insurance Costs Add to US Public Finance Cyber Pressures

Infrastructure Bill Could Spur Overdue Road, Bridge Repairs

Fitch Ratings leads the way in USPF/Public Power

Return-to-Office Delays Are Not an Imminent Risk to US Office REITs

US Restaurants Up Prices to Offset Labor Inflation on Strong Demand

Systemic Cyberattack Could Present Material Risk for U.S. Banks

US Healthcare System to Expand, Adapt to Long-Term COVID-19 Fallout

Relentless Cyber Attacks to Pressure NFP Hospitals’ Operations

Olympics Without Crowds to Cost Reinsurers USD300m-400m

Rating Assessment Service (RAS)

2021 Virtual Investor Series - Structured Credit

COVID-19 Exacerbating US Affordable Housing Stresses

2021 Virtual Investor Series - ABS

2021 Virtual Investor Series - Global Structured Finance

Fitch on Banking - A Cybersecurity Discussion with JP Morgan Chase & Co. and SecurityScorecard

Public Infrastructure Cyberattacks May Pose Broad Financial Risk

2021 Virtual Investor Series - RMBS

2021 Virtual Investor Series - CMBS Office Space

Fitch Ratings is the Thought Leader in Municipals

A Higher US Corporate Tax Rate Is Not a Key Credit Risk Driver

Water, Air Quality, Energy, Biodiversity & Extreme Climate Issues to Affect Credits

Rating Outlooks for Financial Institutions Begin to Stabilize

US Infrastructure Bill Mixed for Telecom, Beneficial for Building Materials Longer Term

FitchCast – Global Structured Finance Performance: A Year Into a Global Pandemic

Spectrum Outcomes to Shape 5G Priorities, Credit Trends

Coronavirus Accelerates US Digital Banking, Branch Optimization

Travel Rebound to Boost US, Canadian Airport and Airline Recovery

US Climate Policy May Alter Some US Corporate Business Models

Fitch Long Term ESG Vulnerability Scores

CMBS Office Stress Tests Highlight Negatives of Remote Work

US Stimulus Will Boost Growth at a Cost of Higher Deficits, Debt

Pandemic Fallout to Delay US Drug Price Reform, Biosimilars Uptake

Keystone Executive Order Sets Precedent for NA Midstream Energy

Semiconductor Shortage Delays Global Automotive Sector Recovery

ESG Impact on Strategy, Financing, Policies Will Grow in 2021

Fitch Ratings 2021 Outlook - US Municipal Sectors

U.S. Healthcare and Pharma Outlook Stable for 2021

Home Price Growth to Stall Around the Globe in 2021

Coronavirus Dominates Global Sovereigns 2021 Outlook

Global Structured Finance 2021 Outlook

US Election – Divided Congress Limits Credit Impact

US Pharma COVID-19 Vaccine to Benefit Revenue More than Margins

2021 Credit Outlook Conferences - See it All Come Together in January 2021

Urban Flight, Income Demographics Threaten Some US Apartment REITs

Drawn-Out U.S. Presidential Election Scenario Highlights Governance Risks

Ratings Process

US Exports Curbs on Chinese Forms to Shift Tech Supply Chains

Secular Shifts Force US Commercial Real Estate to Adapt

Telcos Worldwide to Ramp Up 5G Capex, Raising Pressure on Credit Profiles

Coronavirus Not the Only Challenge for Corporate Ratings

Telehealth Provides US Healthcare Temporary Revenue Stop Gap

The Recovery Curves for Major Healthcare Sectors - Providers, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Products

US Corporate Supply Chain-Driven Credit Risk is Mostly Low to Moderate

Coronavirus Derails Home Price Growth

Dechert LIBORcast: LIBOR Transition – The Rating Agency Perspective

Rating Through the Cycle - What Does this Mean During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Structured Finance in the Time of COVID-19 - What Does the Next 3-6 Months Look Like?

What is the Difference Between a Ratings Watch Negative and an Outlook Negative?

2020 Virtual Investor Meeting - Structured Finance in the Time of COVID-19

Investors and Corporates Perceive Future ESG Risks Differently

Corporates Face USD5 Trillion 2020 Revenue Loss from Crisis

Global Sports Leagues Weigh Risks of Reopening Seasons

Coronavirus Proves US Broadband Infrastructure Is Essential

US Not-for-Profits See Material 2020 Coronavirus Revenue Hit

US Healthcare is Resilient but Not Immune to Effects of Coronavirus

OPEC+ Deal Reduces Downside Risks, Surplus Not Eliminated

U.S. Financials See Rising Risk from Cash Products Amid Libor Sunset

Credit Outlook 2020 - Leverage Tests and Credit Fundamentals

2020 Outlook Broadly Stable for U.S. and Canadian CMBS, but Some Sectors Present Risks

Global Wildfire Risk Illustrates ESG Factor Relevance for Credit

2019 Global Sovereign Conference Hong Kong – Why do we maintain the United States’ AAA rating?

2019 Virtual Investor Meetings: U.S. Structured Credit

2019 Virtual Investor Meetings: U.S. ABS

2019 Virtual Investor Meetings: U.S. CMBS

2019 Virtual Investor Meetings: U.S. RMBS

2019 Global Banking Conference NY – Consumer Lending Credit Risks

Trade War Causing Collateral Damage to Global Economic Outlook

2019 Global Banking Conference NY – Corporate/Commercial Credit Risks

FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference - The probability of a US recession

Video Roundtable: United States and the Global Economy - September 2018

The United States and the Global Economy - A Video Roundtable





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