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Australian Bank Results for 2Q23 Highlight NIM Cycle Downturn

Australian Bank Results for 2Q23 Highlight NIM Cycle Downturn

Canadian Covered Bond Ratings Not Impacted by Canadian Wildfires

India’s Bank Operating Environment Boosted as Economic Risks Recede

Slower Loan Growth Not Yet Constraining Taiwan Banks’ Profitability

India’s Retail Central Bank Digital Currency Project Makes Headway

Pressure from LGFV Debt Varies Across Chinese Banks

Small Chinese Banks Continue to Face Credit Profile Pressure

China’s Recovery Reduces Risks to APAC Sector Mid-Year Outlooks

Vietnam's Banking Sector Liquidity Crunch Eases

China’s Evolving Financial Holding Companies Regulation Curtails Risks

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Pressures Manageable for APAC Issuers

Global Bank Regulators to Draw Lessons from Bank Turmoil

Europe’s Major Banks Well-Placed to Face Market Volatility

Credit Suisse Takeover Will Profoundly Change the Swiss Bank Sector

China’s Financial Regulatory Overhaul Aims to Bridge Regulatory Gaps

China Preserves Fiscal Support to Safeguard Economic Recovery

APAC Banks Resilient to Risks Highlighted by US Bank Failures

China’s LGFV Funding

U.S. Bank Fallout Extends to Various Non-Bank Financial Sectors

Japanese Megabanks' Credit Profiles May be Affected if BOJ Policy Shifts

Indian Banks' Improving Financial Performance Supports Intrinsic Creditworthiness

China’s New Financial Stability Law to Curb Contagion Risk

Credit Outlook 2023 - Middle East Banks’ Neutral Outlook Reflects Solid Economic Conditions

Australia Credit Trends 2023 – Banks

ASEAN Bank Asset Quality Risks Mitigated by Economic Growth

Credit Outlook 2023 - Western European Banking Sector Outlooks Mixed for 2023

Credit Outlook 2023 - U.S. Bank Asset Quality, Operating Environment to Deteriorate in 2023

Credit Outlook 2023 - APAC Banks Broadly Steady Despite Economic Headwinds in 2023

Vietnam’s Policy Tightening Heightens Property Sector Refinancing Risk

China’s Support Measures for Property Sector Have Mixed Implications

China’s Large Banks to Maintain Stable Performance Despite Rising Risks

Bank Rating Criteria Series – Viability Ratings

Bank Rating Criteria Series – Support Ratings

Bank Rating Criteria Series – Senior Debt and Deposit Ratings

Bank Rating Criteria Series – Rating Framework

Bank Rating Criteria Series – Subordinated and Hybrid Debt Ratings

China’s Latest Easing Policies May Not Revive New Home Sales

Weaker Yen’s Impact Mixed for Japanese Mega Banks

APAC Bank Regulators Lean Towards Conservative Crypto Approaches

Higher Interest Rates Challenge APAC Digital Banks

Understanding the SSA 50 Handbook in Three Minutes

China Accelerates NPL Resolution to Mitigate Risks at Smaller Banks

Rise in Mortgage Defaults in China Raises Risks for Banks and Developers

Impact of Rising Interest Rates on APAC Banks

Southern European Banks Have Headroom for Asset Quality Risk

EM Banks’ Profitability Mitigates Economic Slowdown Risks

Indian Banks to Weather Near-Term Pressure from Rate Hikes

Australian Bank Ratings Should Withstand a Moderate Housing Downturn

India’s Fintech Regulation Set to Tighten Further

Rising Technological Risks for APAC Banks May Weigh on Ratings

2022 Mid-Year Outlook - Inflation, Rate Rises, Stagflation Undermine Sector Outlooks

Housing Market Slowdown Influences Canadian Bank, Sovereign Ratings

UK Climate Stress Test for Banks, Insurers Is the Toughest Yet

China Bank Risks to Rise on Covid-Related Disruptions

DM Banks Face Profit Challenges After Bounce-Back from Pandemic

APAC Banks’ Deeper Stablecoin Engagement Carries Risks

Decentralised Finance May Divide into Regulated and Unregulated

Chinese Developers’ Funding

Growing Crypto Engagement Carries Risks for SE Asian Banks

2022 Credit Outlook - Economic Recoveries Drive Global Financial Sector Outlooks in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - LatAm Banks See Credit Expansion, Manageable Credit Losses in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Canadian Banks Will Continue to Benefit from Economic Recovery in 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Western European Banks to Benefit from Ongoing Economic Recovery

China Property Stress Scenario Points to Contagion Risk

2022 Credit Outlook - APAC Banks' Earnings Improvements Continue at a Varying Pace

2022 Credit Outlook - Global Banking Regulation to Tighten for 2022

2022 Credit Outlook - Normalization Expected for U.S. Banks in 2022

South-East Asia Fintechs’ Path to Profitability Key as Adoption Gains Pace

Credit Impact of Inflation Risk Varies for Australian Issuers

Regulatory Risk a Key Factor Influencing Chinese Internet Issuers’ Credit Profiles

Central Bank Digital Currencies May Disrupt Financial Systems

Rating Outlooks for Financial Institutions Begin to Stabilize

China’s Fintech Evolves on Fast Track, Diversified Applications

Tighter Regulation to Trim China Household Lending Growth

Coronavirus Accelerates US Digital Banking, Branch Optimization

China’s Tougher Online Loan Rules Unlikely to Hurt Rated Banks

The Rise of Consumer Finance in China to Bolster Consumption

ESG Impact on Strategy, Financing, Policies Will Grow in 2021

China Bank Property Lending Caps to Curb Concentration Risks

Fitch Ratings 2021 Outlook - APAC Banks

Pandemic Shock Dampens Digital Banks’ Prospects in Asia

Dechert LIBORcast: LIBOR Transition – The Rating Agency Perspective

COVID-19 Investor Poll: A Gradual U-shaped Recovery

Coronavirus Pandemic Unsettles Australian Fixed-Interest Investors – Key Findings from Australian Fixed-Income Investor Survey 2020

China Shadow-Financing Sector Faces Rising Asset Impairment

APAC Banking Outlooks Negative as Coronavirus Heightens Risks

U.S. Financials See Rising Risk from Cash Products Amid Libor Sunset

Fitch Ratings is the Leader in Latin America

German 2030 Climate Package May Become Green Law Blueprint

Political Concern and Refinancing Risks – Key Findings from the Fitch Ratings-FinanceAsia 2020 Asia Credit Market Outlook survey

Credit Outlook 2020 - Q&A: What's in Store for Credit in 2020?

Credit Outlook 2020 – Global Banks: Macro Headwinds, Normalizing Credit and Weaker Profitability May Increase Vulnerability

Credit Outlook 2020: Fitch's Approach to ESG

Credit Outlook 2020 - China Credit Outlook

2019 Milken Institute Asia Summit - China: Pathways to Prosperity in an Uncertain Era

Asia-Pacific Banks Face Rising Exposure to Property Risks

China Slowdown Would Hit Banks in Asian Developed Markets Most

2019 Global Banking Conference HK – Shadow Banking Risks in APAC

2019 Global Banking Conference HK – How ESG Risk Influence Financial Institutions’ Ratings

2019 Global Banking Conference HK – How Investors View the ESG Relevance Scores

2019 Global Banking Conference HK – Implication of Baoshang Bank case in China

2019 Global Banking Conference HK – APAC Banks Facing Rising Risks

2019 Global Banking Conference HK – Outlook of Hong Kong Banks

Is Libra a Challenge to Bank Payment Mechanisms?

Highlights from the FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference 2019

2019 Global Banking Conference NY – Consumer Lending Credit Risks

FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference - Is the credit cycle ending and will we have a safe port from any storm?

FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference - What will cause the next Financial Crisis?

FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference - A decade on from the Credit Crisis

FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference - China has shown a decrease in shadow financing, will this trend continue?

FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference - How does China view Shadow Banking and does it compare to the US?

FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference - The negative outlook across Latin America

FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference - The economic and geopolitical outlook for EMEA

FT-Fitch Global Banking Conference - The probability of a US recession

FT Live - Countering Challenges to be on Top - Banks vs. The Disruptors

2019 Global Banking Conference NY - Fireside Chat - Regulatory View of Financial Stability

FT Live - Disruption in Deal Making

Fitch Ratings is the Leader in Latin America - Brazil

China's Shadow Banking Sector to Shrink Further in 2019

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