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ESG Encyclopedia Series from Sustainable Fitch

Our comprehensive ESG Encyclopedias provide insights on the credit relevance and materiality of sector-specific environmental and social credit issues. Vol. 1 focuses on environmental issues, including air quality and biodiversity, and Vol. 2 focuses on social issues, including labor issues and customer-related issues.

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Environmental, Social & Governance

Defining Relevance to Credit

We launched a new integrated scoring system which shows how ESG factors impact individual credit rating decisions. We are the only CRA who currently offers this level of granularity or transparency about the impact of ESG on fundamental credit.

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Climate Vulnerability Signals

Climate Vulnerability Signals (Climate.VS) help investors and financial institutions understand the long-term implications of climate-related risks on their investment and lending portfolios.

ESG Monthly

Sustainable Fitch's ESG monthly newsletter includes global ESG perspectives across sectors and countries, as well as Fitch Ratings' views on ESG credit risk and the broader macro trends in ESG and the debt capital markets.

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ESG Relevance Scores Data

With value-neutral scoring designed specifically for credit risk, you can pinpoint relevant ESG risks for the majority of Fitch Ratings publicly-rated entities and transactions across various sectors.



Fitch Wins Awards for Rating Agency and ESG Achievements in China

Fitch Ratings has been named “Outstanding International Rating Agency” for the sixth straight year by Wall Street Trader/SeresBond, a financial app widely used by participants in China’s debt capital markets. Sustainable Fitch, a separate ESG ratings and research firm of Fitch Group, won the “Outstanding ESG Analysis Institution” award.


Green Policies Shield Prime London Offices from Hybrid Working

Green Policies Shield Prime London Offices from Hybrid Working

Developments & Outlook of ESG in the GCC

ESG Will Increasingly Influence Insurers’ Strategies

Apparel, Durable Goods Most Vulnerable to Climate Risk Within Retail

Singapore's Green Sovereign Bonds to Boost Sustainable Finance Capacity

UK Climate Stress Test for Banks, Insurers Is the Toughest Yet

EU Utilities Face Accelerated Systemic Shift in Energy Market

Australian Fiscal Outlook Steady as New Government Focuses on Climate Change

Indian Renewable Power Generators Face Modest Gains from Spiking Power Demand

US States Strategize for Clean Energy Transition

Ukraine War Intensifies Low-Carbon Supply-Chain Disruptions

Credit Brief - Green and Social Securitisation: Global Momentum to Continue

Growing Crypto Mining Could Affect Energy Markets

Global Pharma and Biotech Pivots Towards R&D Productivity

2022 Credit Outlook - Neutral Sector Outlook Maintained for EMEA Renewable Energy

Effects of Historic Drought Vary Across Brazilian Corporates

Governance Most Influential Global Infrastructure ESG Factor

2021 Virtual Investor Series - ABS

Water, Air Quality, Energy, Biodiversity & Extreme Climate Issues to Affect Credits

FitchCast – Global Structured Finance Performance: A Year Into a Global Pandemic

US Climate Policy May Alter Some US Corporate Business Models

Fitch Long Term ESG Vulnerability Scores

ESG Impact on Strategy, Financing, Policies Will Grow in 2021

Fitch on ESG-Considerations for Infrastructure Ratings Panel

Investors and Corporates Perceive Future ESG Risks Differently

ESG Credit Quarterly Q1 2020

Coronavirus Tests EV Growth, Raises EU Carmakers’ Penalty Risk

Lure of Higher Inflows to Fuel ESG Fund Launches Post-Coronavirus

Industry Faces Climate Transition Challenge

German 2030 Climate Package May Become Green Law Blueprint

Political Concern and Refinancing Risks – Key Findings from the Fitch Ratings-FinanceAsia 2020 Asia Credit Market Outlook survey

Global Wildfire Risk Illustrates ESG Factor Relevance for Credit

Credit Outlook 2020: Fitch's Approach to ESG

Introducing ESG Relevance Scores - An Update for Structured Finance and Covered Bonds

2019 Global Banking Conference HK – How ESG Risk Influence Financial Institutions’ Ratings

2019 Global Banking Conference HK – How Investors View the ESG Relevance Scores

Milken Institute Global Conference 2019 – Portfolio Risks: What Are You Ignoring?

Introducing ESG Relevance Scores - An Update for Public Finance and Infrastructure

Milken Institute MENA Summit - ESG in a World in Transition​




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